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Participants in the 2nd Reunion Sept 17th 2016

From L to R-R Tremblay-N Sorochan-R. Cyr-D Cyr-L Holom-R St Onge-D Holtom-R Champagne -G Champagne-L Johnson-L-St Onge- L Colbourne
-K Green-Y Cyr-S Scharmann-A DeOcampo-D Lander(back)-J Gagne-D Wojtkiw(back)-D Beaudin-L Landry-M Tremblay
-D Lnadry-E Lander- Missing -Laurent Beaudin -Joan & Kirk Crockett-Gene & Kate Krupa

Our second Reunion took place last Saturday(Sept 17th 2016) at Elvin and Diane Lander's place.WOW!!! A real Paradise! And to go with this, our hosts were unsurpassable! Their hospitality, unutterable. The warm reception and the beautiful setting made us feel right at home and ready to celebrate.
Along with the cordiality of our hosts, and thanks to Phil Hughes of
Premium Food Services from Legal, a delicious meal was prepared for all of us to enjoy.

Some of us more than others. Look at the contented look on Laurent's face.-Laurent Johnson-Nestor Sorochan-Anita De Ocampo-

Elvin- Laurent Beaudin-The two Dianes & Sheila

See what a full stomach can do? Laurent is almost asleep
and Elvin is on the verge ...of doing the same.

..and all this is happening in this very gorgeous cabin.

Since our last reunion, many of our colleagues have passed away. Their physical presence is gone but in our hearts, they continue to live . One of the objectives of this reunion was precisely to refresh in our minds the memory of our departed colleagues. To that effect, I had asked Sheila if she could possibly write a poem dedicated to them that she could read at the reunion. Thus "Broken Branches" came to be. The analogy of the tree is most appropriate. The tree is well rooted and solid. It's grandeur is found in it's branches and its magnificence in its leaves. The tree is very much like a family: the trunk is the parent, the branches are the children and the leaves the beauty that everyone contributes to the family. A tree does not succumb when a branch breaks and dies. It continues to grow. As a staff we are a family. And like the tree we must continue to grow. We cannot let ourselves collaspe, on the contrary we must find the strength that was present in those who are gone to maintain our pace and keep building on the foundation. Let their memory be our motivation and inspiration. Thank you so much Sheila for the touching and comforting poem.

At the bottom left of the poem, you can see a small tree in a container. Following the dedecation to our departed, a small tree (courtesy of Sheila Scharmann) was given to those who lost a loved one since the last reunion. This tree is to be planted in your yard or some other place of yours choice, in memory of the deceased one.

(Left) -Sheila presiding the dedication to our dear departed. "Broken Branches" is getting everyone's attention as you can see above. On the right sharing before supper

Place Cursor over picsfor names

Scenes like this one were numerous at the reunion. Obviously somebody came up with something funny here!

Group chatting on main balcony - Joan the photographer

Conversations were very lively as the quests kept coming in

Great minds uniting to solve the world's problems.

Left - Sharing after delicious meal. Right -Debbie Wojtkiw -Relaxing after 38 years of teaching. Congratulations Deb!

Louise & Don Holtom with Anita

On the left Marie & Raymond On the right -Table made by Elvin

Nice to see you back Lucienne -Right -Remi & Denise

Left Yvette -Jeanne -Liz -Right -Memorial trees

Our second reunion, like the first, proved to be a genuine success. It is unfortunate that not all could make it but that is understandable as people have commitments that can't always be changed. To find a date to accommodate everyone is a near impossible task. At this point, however, I wish to relay the good wishes of a happy reunion expressed by all those who could not make it. Hopefully the next reunion will be able to accommodate more of us. As we get older the commitments are not as frequent and hopefully most if not all of us will be in a position to attend.

Organizing a reunion required a bit of work but meeting everyone is so rewarding that it makes it all worth it. Marie and I are very thankful of your co-operation and we have no regrets. Who knows, we might do it again in a not too distant future. At this point I wish to give a heartful thank you to Elvin & Diane for allowing us to invade their gorgeous home for this reunion. Elvin and Diane you have made this reunion possible and what a setting and what a warm welcome!! Thank you again.


Liz and her grandchildren Luka 3 yrs old, Dahlia 7 months Dec 2015.


Solve this case. Who is the grandmother? A grandmother is needed for these beautiful children!! 2015

Pat Sloan & grand children. 2015

Rachelle with Marc's boy, Nicholas and Denis's girl, Violet. 2015

Shannon with grand kids. 2015

Joe and Louise with grand children. 2015

Anita with grand children. 2015

We had all seven of our grandchildren with us this summer for a month! 2015
What joy they bring to our lives. Two live in Kuala Lumpur, three in Rawdon Quebec
and two in St.Paul. There are no words to express what is in our hearts......just love X seven!

Here is a picture of my one and only grandchild Tyler,
son of Adam and Adrianna. 2015 This was taken in Cardiff Park this summer.

School Days with Ty. s.m. scharmann


Enjoying my time with Tyler while mom and dad are away for a couple of days! Here's my thoughts on school night routine.

Lunches and school clothes and homework, oh my!
Forgotten issues of times long gone by
A September school night - a typical fall
Brings mem'ries of my kids when they were all small.

Spending time with my "Ty guy" is never a drag
But I think that he may not like me to nag
Life with a grandma who used to teach school
Means "homework comes first" is a cardinal rule.

Hear the alarm, jump up when it rings,
Get on with the day and all that it brings.
Pancakes for breakfast, get ready, get dressed!
This grandma's day starts out with some stress!

Tyler is off for a school day of fun
Now I'm alone, I've got errands to run.
Laundry and dishes, and a quick shopping spree
All must get done before "home time" at three.

No trips to the doctors, or principal's place
I feel like I've won a marathon race.
Two days of being a surrogate mom,...
Were crazy and busy, but oh so much fun.

Tyler is charming, he's funny and smart,
He has a large place deep down in my heart.
I wouldn't have traded these days of delight
And just can not wait for his next "overnight".

The 2011 Reunion - Picture Review
Group Photo
Raymond Tremblay - Welcome
Marie Tremblay
Louise Slobogean, Rémi Cyr, Clarence & Monique Joly, and Anita DeOcampo
Mme Nault, further back Nestor Sorochan & Diana Wright(Arts)
Marie Tremblay, Walter & Rosie Kruhlak, Joan Crockett and Monique Joly
Jeanne Gagné -on right Yvette Cyr
Réal and Gaetane Champagne
Tony & Eric Hesse
Sheila & Fred Scharmann, Sherry Brisson
Jerry Wojtkiw & Kirk
Nestor, Debbie & Jerry
Liz St Onge, Nestor Sorochan,
Rose Michaud
Debbie Wojtkiw
Hee hee --WINE
Diane, Monique Joly, Liz St Onge, Gaetane Champagne
Deb & Our Politician Eugene Krupa
-Back Our Activist Ernie Chauvet
Diana,Anita,Monique , Geatane & Helen Kieran
The Twins - Diane Lander & Pat Sloan
Monique, Denise, Tony, Eric, Joan
Real,Diana, Ray,Gaetane, Helen, Louise
Joe Slobogean, Ruth Fleck, Robert Regimbald, Louise Slobogean
Robert & Jeannine Régimbald, and Louise Slobogean
Rémi And Denise
Marie Tremblay & Shannon Wakefield
Anita DeOcampo, Walter & Rosie Kruhlac
Recording Memories - Pat/Clarence
Ruth & Lorne Fleck Back:Joe Slobogean,Jeannine Regimbald,Claude Michaud
Enjoying the delicious food brought in by everyone. What a nice way to share memories

Jeanne Gagné, Yvette Cyr,
Claude & Rose Michaud